Do you want to learn a Spanish heritage instrument? 

Learn with the only Castanet Ensemble group how to play the castanets, an ancient instrument with more than 3,000 years of history!

Join the only group in the U.S. to dance folk, 18th Century Spanish, Flamenco and Classical Spanish Dance!  


We have moved our business from Arlington VA, to Florida.  More information soon. 

Realizado por Katina Nicklas para la Embajada de España en Estados Unidos.

Copyright © Requiebros Spanish Dance Group

Filmed and edited by Katina Nicklas for the Embassy of Spain in the U.S.A 

*This profession is full of intruders. Demand that anyone "teaching" Spanish Dance/Flamenco to you/your child shows you a college degree. The only Conservatories that can give a degree in Spanish Dance/Flamenco are in Spain. Artistic teachings require years of study in a Conservatory (not at any other place) to earn the Degree. For a doctor, lawyer, school teacher to be able to practice their professions they must have a college degree. Be demanding  and ask for a degree in the arts!

​​Carmen de Vicente Spanish Dance Academy

+1. 703-380-6440


This program is supported in part by Arlington County through the Arlington Commission for the Arts and Arlington Cultural Affairs, a division of Arlington Economic Development. and the Embassy of Spain.


I came from Spain 20 years ago after earning my degree from the Royal Conservatory of Music and Dance in Madrid. I have studied Flamenco, 18th century Spanish Dance (Escuela Bolera), Folk from different regions in Spain, Ballet, and Classical Spanish Dance. It is a pleasure to teach all that I know to anyone who loves Spanish Dance, adults and children! Come and learn with the best in town!

$85 per month 1 hour per week! 

Different levels! More info call (703)-380-6440